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Village Information Poster for OCTOBER

IT’S ALL CHANGE AT THE SURGERY from 19th OCTOBER!! These changes might affect you!

Our change to SystmOne (our new Clinical Computer System) is now well underway – the actual date for changeover is 19th October 2016.

* Results (including bloods, x-rays and scans) will not be available until 24th October.

* Online services will be unavailable until at least 30th October and new pins and passwords will have to be issued to patients in person with photo id.

* In the week beginning 17th October, we will be operating urgent care and medical emergency surgeries only, and on 19th, 20th and 21st October, our appointments lines will be closed whilst we transfer our appointment book to the new system.

Flu vaccinations Don’t forget that flu vaccinations are now available at the surgery for all those patients who are entitled (patients 65 and over, as well as patients with conditions such as: diabetes, heart disease, respiratory disease, liver or kidney disease, pregnant women, neurological conditions. Call in for your vaccination or ring us and book an appointment.

Tip of the month

If you have recently moved into the area then don’t forget to register at the surgery.

For more information, visit our website:

On Tuesday 12-April starting at 7pm in Norton Village Hall we will have 

Call Push Rescue Training

This will be a DVD lead training session, with hands on practice on dummies, including

  • Learn CPR
  • Child CPR
  • Recovery Position
  • Defibrillator Awareness

This is approximately a 1 hour session, which will give you the skills that may one day save someone's life.


This training is provided by the British Heart Foundation.


We now have a Public Access Defibrillator in its case on the wall of the village hall.

Courtesy of the British Heart Foundation




Simple to use

They are simple and safe. The machine gives clear spoken instructions. You don't need training to use one.

Once in position, the defibrillator detects the heart's rhythm. It won't deliver a shock unless one is needed.


NJT will be running Call Push Rescue courses in the village this space.

Notice Board

15 Mar 2016 09:46 - Super User
NJT Defibrillator

We now have a Public Access Defibrillator

This is for emergency use, and may save someone's life.



Please [ ... ]

22 Jan 2016 13:02 - Super User
Pavement Cleanup

Please clean-up after your dog

16 Oct 2015 10:11 - Super User
Play Area Repairs

The play area has now been repaired.

The gate has been replaced.

Please treat the play area with respect, [ ... ]

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