Village Hall Fire Risk Assessment

Fire Risk Assessment Notes and Guidance for Hirers Following the recent legislative changes we have a duty of care to ensure that all persons hiring the hall are aware of their responsibilities in the event of the fire:

  • A copy of our full Fire Risk Assessment Document along with a copy of Emergency Plan in case of Major Fire are stored on a clip board above the fire extinguisher point in the hall lobby. In the event of a fire please take this clipboard as it contains a copy of any contact numbers that you may need.
  • In the event of a FIRE call 999 from a mobile telephone. The hall is located on Orton Lane, Norton Juxta Twycross, CV9 3PU.
  • Evacuate the hall. There is no fire alarm and so the building must be evacuated by raising an audible oral alarm message. Leave by the nearest fire exit but ensure that all ancillary areas such as the kitchen, meeting room and toilets are also evacuated.
  • The meeting point is the bus shelter opposite the hall on Main Street. You should role call all users of the hall at this point.
  • In the event of a fire should the hall be in use by any person who suffers any physical or mental impairment such as mobility issues, visual or hearing impairment it is your responsibility to ensure that they are made aware of any danger and that they are also evacuated from the building.
  • Please ensure that you familiarise yourself with the location of the Fire Exits. These are located:
    • ┬áThe double entrance doors in the lobby
    • The double push bar exit doors located in the Hall itself
  • There is an external door in the kitchen area whilst not a designated Fire Exit we recommend that whilst using the kitchen area that this is kept unlocked
  • Please ensure that all FIRE DOORS remain CLOSED and are NOT PROPPED OPEN. This is for your safety and to stop the spread of flames and smoke in the event of a fire.
  • Fire Extinguishers are located in the hall lobby area adjacent to the front doors. The committee of Norton Village Institute make the provision of fire fighting equipment for the safety of all who use the hall. It is our policy to advise all users in the event of the discovery of a fire to GET OUT & STAY OUT . However should the fire stand between you and your route of escape the extinguishers are provided for use.
  • To activate a fire extinguisher point the nozzle at the base of the fire and gently squeeze the handles together. RED water fire extinguishers are provided and may be used on combustible material such as wood, paper, material etc. BLACK CO2 fire extinguisher is provided and should be used on electrical fires.
  • A FIRE BLANKET is provided and is located above the boiler in the kitchen area
  • FIRST AID KIT is wall mounted next door to the sink as is the ACCIDENT BOOK which is stored in the same location.
  • The external waste wheelie bin is stored at the front of the building. It must be returned to this position at the end of the hire to ensure that it forms the minimum fire risk. Combustible excess waste must be removed from the premises at the end of the hire as this is a fire hazard.
  • The areas around the fire exit doors must be kept clear both internally and externally. Please ensure that the area outside the fire exit doors is kept clear of any parked cars.
  • All appliances are tested annually under PAT regulations. However should you observe any wear and tear or faults please report to the hall bookings clerk when you return the key.
  • The hall is a dedicated NON SMOKING venue. Please ensure that any users are aware of this condition.

We hope that you will find these brief instructions helpful and wish you an enjoyable and above all safe experience in our hall.

Norton Village Institute Committee